Mr Harriss: Your Vasectomy Reversal Surgeon

Need a vasectomy reversal?


Every year, many men decide that a vasectomy is the way forward for them. Whether it is a way of acknowledging to their partner that it is their turn to assist with the contraception or they, as a couple, decide that they do not want to have any more children.


Every year, many men decide that they need to reverse their vasectomy either due to their relationship failing and they then meet someone else or that as a couple, they realise that they made a hasty mistake.


Here in Nottingham, UK, we have one of the country’s largest vasectomy reversal centres run by Mr Duncan Harriss, Consultant Urological Surgeon. Mr Harriss has been performing microsurgical reversal of vasectomy since 1998.


Our Location


All surgery takes place at the BMI Park Hospital which is based just north of Nottingham around 30 minutes from the train station and around 45 minutes from East Midlands Airport. We have people who come to see Mr Harriss from all over the UK, Europe, the US and beyond. Most people take advantage of our one-visit approach where an overnight stay is required. Some prefer to come for the day-case list which takes place around once a month. With between 3-4 operating lists every week, there is sufficient choice for people to find a date that suits their diaries.


Vasectomy reversal numbers matter


For many years it has not been possible to obtain a vasectomy reversal on the NHS so the private sector has been the only place for people to turn to. However, research shows that the majority of urological surgeons who say that they can do a reversal, actually do very few every year (around 25 or less). Every week, we are contacted by people who had either a poor experience or a negative results elsewhere and seek a redo-vasectomy reversal with Mr Harriss. Often, those redo-vasectomy reversals have a positive result after their surgery with Mr Harriss.


The number of vasectomy reversals that a surgeon performs is very important. The more completed, the more likely they are to be successful and the more knowledge obtained to advise and support individuals.


Mr Duncan Harriss has performed thousands of microsurgical vasectomy reversals. The great majority have been successful, enabling men to father children again.


Due to the high number of vasectomy reversal procedures that are performed by Mr Harriss, he can audit his own results. Men from aged 21 to over 70 have attended for a reversal of their vasectomy, from 3 months to 40 years after their vasectomy took place.

With high percentages of audited outcomes, the majority of people become fertile again. 


We have many pregnancies, many babies and families with second babies too. 


We have pregnancies from the first month after reversal too.


Why Choose Mr Harriss


Ultimately, people choose Mr Harriss because:


he is a consultant surgeon with nearly 20 years experience


he is the senior urology surgeon for the NHS in Nottingham


he trained for 15 years to become a surgeon which is why he is a “Mr” and not a “Dr”. 


he performs around 10-15 vasectomy reversal operations most weeks.


he has consistent feedback from patients who value his surgery, bedside manner and results.


other medical staff want to see him which is an indicator of how he is perceived in the medical world.


We have a wealth of information to help people to understand what is involved in a having a vasectomy reversal. Mr Harriss’s experience is such that he has never turned a patient away. He also always operates on both sides unless there is only one testes. This may seem strange to mention but some give the impression that they are highly trained and yet give excuses for not being able to complete both sides. Elsewhere, there is also the scenario of a non-qualified surgeon (calling themselves “Doctor”) performing the surgery and this obviously needs caution.



Low Counts and AntiSperm Antibodies


We have had people have pregnancies with normal sperm counts, low sperm counts, very low sperm counts and sperm counts with differing amounts of antisperm antibodies. Both men and women read much misleading information on the internet about antibodies and pregnancies and decide wrongly, that a vasectomy reversal is not right for them. Our experience is that many men have antibodies after surgery but many of them still manage to father babies.


We think that the exact mechanism is not clear and that levels of antisperm antibodies fluctuate but we don’t know why. We do know that pregnancies do happen though.


Many men develop antisperm antibodies after having their vasectomy and their vasectomy reversal too but also there is a group of men who are keen cyclists, rugby and football players (who have not had a vasectomy) who develop antisperm antibodies due to the constant contact with their testicles in these activities.


Therefore, there are men who do not know that they may have antisperm antibodies and yet they still father children. It is the same for many of our men too. They may have antisperm antibodies but they still father children.


General Practitioners


Finally, we have many people coming to us after seeing their GP who advised strongly against having a vasectomy reversal as it “most probably won’t work”. Our advice is this. Your GP most probably has no experience of vasectomy reversals whereas Mr Harriss has nearly 20 years of experience, performing this skilled procedure most weeks. We suggest that you at least contact us to see if we can help you.


The NHS used to allow vasectomy reversal surgery and the results that they give (although many, many years old) are still believed by many family doctors. They were trained to say that a vasectomy was permanent and it is, unless you have surgery to reverse it. 


The results on the NHS were notoriously poor as junior staff were encouraged to do these operations without a microscope too. So poor skill and/or a lack of skill without the correct equipment was to blame.


Finally, to return to Mr Harriss, he has the skill and uses a powerful surgical microscope to enable high quality surgery and a high probability of fertility.



Mr Harriss helps Dads become Dads again.


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